Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I'm back!! Recovered from my op, all went well although my consultant has said it was a very difficult operation and I lost a bit of blood. When I came round after the op I had so many tubes coming out of me it was unbelievable. Anyhow I haven't managed to do any crafting whatsoever since my op but shall ease myself back in very soon. I have managed to get my christmas shopping done though but really must start wrapping it all up...only 3 days left..arrrghhh!!

We have had tons of snow around here the past few days, it is so pretty but I really don't like driving in snow so my dad has been driving me back and forth to my hospital appointments. I took the picture above on Friday last week, it was taken just near to our house and is so pretty, the sun was just begining to shine through the trees.

I shall be blog hopping through your blogs to see what I have been missing, I am sure there are lots of lovely christmas cards to hop through.

Take care and have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.


Joy xx