Friday, 7 November 2008

I've been Tagged

Woohoo, this is a first for me, Michele over at Shelley's Papercrafting Paradise has not only given me an award (see below) but she has also tagged me, thanks Michele. I had to answer sets of 5 questions, so here goes:

  1. My family (of course).
  2. My pets. I have a rabbit called Honey, two guinea pigs, one called Buttercup and one called Robbie and I also have a gerbil who I have just adopted called Bob. (I am a total animal lover).
  3. I absolutely lurve shopping for craft stuff, i'm not that fussy, any craft stuff lol.
  4. I love Nike Trainers, I wear trainers most of time except for work (they're not allowed in the office).
  5. Junk Food. (Why can't I love healthy food?)


  1. Cruelty to animals.
  2. Dishonest people.
  3. I hate fruit (I don't eat any fruit, a strawberry at a push if it is covered in sugar).
  4. Alcohol. (I did all that when I was younger and now I don't feel the need...strange aren't I lol).
  5. Spiders....urrgghh!!


  1. Jordin Sparks.
  2. Nick Lachey.
  3. Take That (cheesy eh!)
  4. Leona Lewis.
  5. Sugababes.


  1. Chinese Food.
  2. My mum's Potato Salad...yum.
  3. Ice cream - especially Hagen Daaz (spelling?)
  4. Tea....I get through so many cups a day at work.
  5. Mango Juice. (Strange considering I don't like fruit).

Now I have to tag 5 other people, link to their blog and let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

This is the really difficult part. As I haven't been doing this long I don't know lots of people yet so I am sorry if you've already been tagged, ignore it if you like but I have to do this. Soooo, I am picking:

Janet, Alex, Natalie, Eve and Denise.


Joy xx


Eisbärin said...

Hi Joy and thanks for tagging me! I got this tag just now from from Kathleen, but who care *lol* I will just link to both of you once I get round to putting it on my blog!
Have a good day and I love your blog by the way!

NGCARDS said...

Thanks hun for tagging me but I already did this one last sunday Im afraid! So I coudln't possible do it again =P lol xxx